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Hawa Yahia Mire is a small business owner and community organizer with two decades of experience transforming the non-profit sector.

Hawa’s family came to Canada from Somalia when she was a toddler.  If home is where we get a strong start, then York South-Weston is where Hawa found the strength and determination to fight for a more just and equitable world. It was in York South-Weston where she spent her formative years, getting her first job and completing her studies.

Hawa completed her Master’s degree at York University in Environmental Studies and is fearlessly committed to climate change. She is a commentator and columnist whose work has been featured on Ricochet Media, Macleans, Briarpatch Magazine, Metro Morning, CBC, CityTV, Rabble among others.

She uses her platform to advance issues that matter to struggling communities, and to ensure that all voices are heard. Hawa is inspired by the strength and wisdom of the elders around her while also influenced by the inequality and poverty she has directly experienced.

Throughout her professional career Hawa has always stood up for the issues that matter most: housing, employment, youth empowerment and community development. Hawa is an avid baker and storyteller. She brings people together over food, art, faith and celebration.

She’s ready to work for you and with you as your next Member of Parliament for York South-Weston.

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